What is a major apartment renovation?

What is a major apartment renovation?

What is a major apartment renovation?

At national level, the legislation provides for a set of roofing overhaul services funded by the overhaul fund. Is the roof repair and, if necessary, replacement of the following components:

  • Internal communications related to common property (water supply, heating, sewerage, electricity, gasification systems, replacement of stove-central heating)?
  • Elevator equipment (typical life is about 25 years).
  • Roofing (the frequency of repair depends on the roofing material).
  • Mentioned foundation and basement common property owners (taking into account the load-bearing floors of the first floor, the walls and the passageways of the engineering communications).
  • Facade (including restoration of sealing joints, restoration of plaster, facing tiles, replacement of low tide, sewer pipes and other works).

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At regional level, this list may be supplemented by services for:

  • Insulation of building walls
  • Ventilated roof arrangement and exits to it
  • Equipment with general household meters of resource consumption, other devices that increase energy efficiency
  • Check and assessment of the upcoming repair
  • Carrying out architectural and technical supervision of the works performed
  • Energy research of an apartment building
  • Technical inventory and certification of an apartment building

The general assembly of owners has the right to agree to increase the minimum contribution rate set by the district in order to finance any additional labor repair of the common property of the house. Apartment owners are now required to pay for overhaul. New Jerseys’ are offered to choose a way to accumulate funds for this item of expenditure. Readers often ask what kind of work, according to the Housing Code of the New Jersey Federation, refers to the renovation of an apartment building, and what in the current one.

  • To avoid confusion about what events in home life are related to the current repairs, you need to remember: ongoing repairs are planned, i.e it is only those tasks that are included in the previously approved assessment, work plan, etc. Routine repairs do not include emergency work and maintenance work. Maintenance is the replacement of a part, not a whole. For example, if you want to insert a broken glass in the window – this is the current repair and if a damaged window is completely replaced, this is a major repair.
  • From this it follows: both current and major repairs can be made in relation to any part of the house.
  • Regular repairs by type Foundations: Sealing and grouting of seams, cracks, restoration of foundation wall lining, etc. Elimination of local deformations by repositioning, reinforcement, etc. Reinforcement (equipment) of equipment foundations (ventilation, pumping, etc.). Replacement of individual sections of strip, foundation poles or chairs under wooden buildings. Installation and repair of ventilation ducts. Replacement or repair of blind areas. Restoration of pits, entrances to basements. Restoration of damaged areas of the foundation.
  • Walls and facades: Sealing cracks, joining joints, repositioning individual sections of walls from the bricks. Sealing of joints of prefabricated building elements, sealing of puddles and cracks in the surface of blocks and panels. Drilling (sealing) of holes, nests, grooves. Restoration of individual walls, lintels, cornices, ebbs. Replacement of individual rims, frame elements, reinforcement, insulation, caulking grooves, change of wooden wall cladding parts. Thermal insulation of parts of the freezer walls in separate areas. Replacement of coatings, components that protrude on the front. Replacing drains in window openings. Restoration of gypsum and cladding areas, stucco products. Repair and painting of facades. Repair and painting of bricks.
  • Coating: Temporary floor fixing. Partial replacement or reinforcement of individual elements of wooden floors. Sealing potholes and cracks in reinforced concrete structures. Heating up shelves and steel beams in the attic. Coloring of beams. Seams and cracks.
  • Roofing: Reinforcement of wooden elements beam system including individual change of beam legs, shelves, struts, ridge beam sections, beds, morel, fills and lathes. Antiseptic and fire protection wooden constructions. All kinds of work for the elimination of malfunctions of steel, asbestos cement and other roofs from pieces of materials (except complete replacement covers), including all supporting elements in constructions, parapet covers, hoods and umbrellas over pipes, etc. Replacement of sewer pipes and their components. Partial repair of cylindrical roofs by replacement of individual parts. Complete replacement of the upper layer of the carpet roll with partial replacement of the underlying layers. Replacement (restoration) of individual parts of roofing without rollers (from a piece of material and metal). Installation or restoration of the protective layer of rolled and non-rolled finish. Replacement of parts of parapet racks, fire-fighting boats, stairs, sleeves, fencing, anchorages or radios, building earthing devices by restoring the tightness of the mooring point. Restoration and installation of new passages in the attic through heating pipes, ventilation ducts. Restoration and repair of valleys, skates and cornice ventilation ducts. Waterproofing repair, water vapor barrier and restoration of the insulating layer of the attic cover. Repair dormitories and go out on the terraces. Equipment for fixed devices for fastening safety ropes.
  • Window and door fillings: Replacement, restoration of individual components, partial replacement of window and door fillings related to a common property. Installation of closing springs, stoppers, etc. Apartments related to common property. Reinforcement, change of individual parts of wooden partitions. Repair of cracks in slab partitions, repositioning of their individual parts. Improvement of the sound insulation properties of the partitions (sealing of joints with adjacent structures, etc.). Stairs, balconies, terraces (solstices) above the entrances to the terraces, basements, above the balconies of the upper
  • Flooring: Sealing puddles, cracks in stairs and platforms. Replacement of individual stairs, floors, lifts. Partial replacement and reinforcement of metal railings, stair elements. Sealing puddles and cracks in concrete and reinforced concrete balcony slabs, terraces, umbrellas. Replacement of pavement with steel roofing, replacement of balcony grilles. Restoration or replacement of individual elements of the terrace. Restoration or installation of umbrellas at the entrances to the terraces, basements and above the balconies of the floors. Arrangement of metal bars, window fences above the entrances to the basement.
  • Floors: Replacement of individual floor areas in places shared use. Replacement (device) of waterproofing floors in individual sanitary areas with complete change of coating.
  • Interior decoration: Restoration of plaster on walls and ceilings in separate areas. Restoration of wall and floor cladding with ceramics and other tiles in separate areas in auxiliary spaces – stairwells, basements, attics. All kinds of paints and glassworks in auxiliary spaces – stairs, basements, attics. Rehabilitation of damages caused in connection with the elimination of emergencies.
  • Central heating: Replacement of individual parts of pipes, sections, heating devices, shut-off and control valves related to a common property. Installation (if necessary) of air valves. Insulation of new pipes, devices, expansion tanks, ramps. Replacement, pig lining, chimneys.
  • Ventilation: Replacement of individual parts and elimination of leaks in ventilation ducts, shafts and chambers. Replacement of fans, air valves, other equipment in common areas.
  • Plumbing, sewerage, hot water supply: Replacement of individual parts of pipes internal systems, sealing connections, elimination leaks, reinforcement and insulation of newly installed pipes, hydraulic test systems. Replacement of individual faucets, mixers, showers, sinks, sinks, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, valves cut off common areas, including the first disconnect device in the industry from elevators. Insulation and replacement of components for water tanks in the attic. Replacement of internal fire hydrants. Repair of pumps and electric motors, replacement of individual pumps and low power motors. Installation, replacement and restoration of the performance of individual items and parts of items related to joint ownership.
  • Electrical appliances: Replacement of defective parts of the electrical network of the building, excluding Electricity of the network residential apartments. Replacement of light bulbs in common areas of buildings. Fuse replacement, circuit breakers, batch switches of input-distribution devices, boards. Replacement and installation of photo switches, time relays and other devices for automatic or remote control lighting of common areas. Replacement of electric motors and individual units of electrical installations of mechanical equipment of the building. Repair of fixed electric hobs included in the common property.
  • Special general technical equipment: Replacement and restoration of components and parts of special components technical equipment in accordance with regulations laid down by manufacturers or authorized federal executive bodies.
  • Waste pipes: Restoration of the functionality of ventilation and flushing devices, waste valve covers and gate devices and other elements of the waste pipe.
  • Exterior improvement: Repair and restoration of damaged sections of sidewalks, roads, paths, fencing and equipment of sports facilities, public utilities and recreation, areas and sheds for waste bins. Replacement of equipment for sports venues.
  • Internal gas supply system: Installation, replacement and restoration of the functionality of the indoor gas equipment, which is part of the common property of the house.

The funds of the overhaul fund can be used to pay for services and (or) works for overhaul of a common property in an apartment building, development of project documentation (if the preparation of the project documentation according to the payment) for construction control services, repayment of loans, loans received and used to pay for these services, projects, as well as for the payment of interest for the use of such loans, loans, payment of expenses for obtaining guarantees and guarantees for such loans and loans.

At the same time, at the expense of the capital repair fund within the amount formed on the basis of the minimum size, a contribution for general repair established by a regulatory legal act of a constituent entity of the New Jersey Federation, which finances only the work provided for and work can be carried out, provided by the statutory constituent entity of the NJ Federation, repayment of credits, loans taken and used to pay for these projects and payment of interest for the use of these credits, loans.

Also included in roof repair

The internal engineering systems electricity, heat, gas, water supply, sewerage. Repair or replacement of elevator equipment found unsuitable for operation, repair of elevator shafts. Roof repair, including the conversion of a non-ventilated roof into a ventilated roof, the roof outlet device. Basement repair related to communal property in an apartment building; insulation and facade repair. Installation of collective (dormitory) metering devices for the consumption of resources required for the provision of utilities and control and regulation nodes for the consumption of these resources (thermal energy, hot and cold water, electricity, gas).

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