The escort who cheated on you once will do it again

The escort who cheated on you once will do it again

The escort who cheated on you once will do it again

They say the escort who cheats once will cheat again. But is such a thing true in reality or is this view nothing more than a cliché?

Psychologists and therapists who work with escorts share their thoughts on whether an unfaithful partner can change.

This belief does people an injustice.

When we assume escorts who have cheated will do it again, we underestimate people’s ability to change, says Athens escorts, couples therapist.

“Those who say that escorts who have been unfaithful cannot change have not felt the guilt that comes when you realize you have made a big mistake. They have never fallen asleep staring at the ceiling wishing they could take back the pain they caused their partner. If they had felt it, they wouldn’t have been so critical.”

Before someone who has been unfaithful changes, she must “work” on the reasons that led her to this error.

Carin call girl in Athens has seen many people “exit” their marriage through another relationship and has seen many people try to resolve their relationship issues. She says there is a simple way to tell if someone will be unfaithful again, either in this relationship or in future ones.

“If he takes responsibility for what happened, usually after individual and couples therapy, he remains faithful. In addition, he needs to recognize what caused this behavior and understand the reasons that led to his infidelity.”

Someone who blames their partner for leading them to be unfaithful probably won’t change.

It’s easy to blame someone else by saying “he didn’t pay enough attention to me so I was vulnerable to having an affair” or “I didn’t plan it, it just happened“.

Until the cheater takes full responsibility for their behavior without blaming others, their behavior isn’t going to change, says Sheri Athens escort’.

Someone who feels a little bad isn’t likely to change either.

Most people who visit escorts are genuinely trying to build trust back into their marriage, but there are exceptions.

“It is a bad sign if the one who has been unfaithful wants his partner to “finally” get over it. Many times they may even blame their partner for the affair because they were not getting the attention they felt they deserved. This is a sign that it will happen again.”

The pain of the infidelity it caused can be a great motivator for change.

Escorts say shock and guilt are motivations for change.

“They usually don’t realize how devastated their husband or wife will be. They think they will just get angry. Once they see the damage they’ve done to the ones they love, they don’t want to cheat on them again.”

The cheater can change, but their partner needs to be open-minded too.

If the couple is to survive, the betrayed partner must be willing to forgive, says escort Liz.

“It is very difficult for someone to rebuild trust if they believe that someone unfaithful will definitely do it again. If both partners are open-minded, it is possible for the couple to overcome infidelity.”

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