Tankless Water Heater Maintenance & Repairs in Fort Worth

Tankless Water Heater Maintenance & Repairs in Fort Worth

Tankless Water Heater Maintenance & Repairs in Fort Worth

A water heater is an invaluable appliance to any home. Hot water is a necessity that we often do not think about – we simply expect it to be there when we want it. Maintenance, repairs, or even installation of a new water heater may also be needed.

Whether you need your water heater serviced or replaced, you can be confident that Fort Worth is home to a knowledgeable company with professionals that can serve your needs. Our technicians are well versed in water heater repairs and installation.

Common Issues

Water heaters are bound to malfunction. Some repairs may require a simple fix while others may be far more intensive. The types of issues that your water heater may have will depend on the type that you have. A traditional water heater uses gas or electricity to keep heated

  • Dirty water: The water may come out brown or rust-colored. This is often caused by a rusted tank. Another element of the water heater may have broken and corroded inside of the tank as well.
  • No hot water: If the water does not heat at all, this may signal a defect with the wiring or heating mechanism. If the water heater is powered by gas, the pilot light may be out or the control valve may need to be replaced.
  • Not enough hot water: Your water heater may be too small for your needs. If this is not the case, the water heater may not be receiving enough power to the heating element.
  • Water heater makes noise: This is most likely due to a build-up of sediment inside of the tank.

As you can see, as important and seemingly sturdy a water heater is, this item is prone to malfunction every now and then. Water heaters can last inside of a home for years or even decades. Unfortunately, a broken water heater can cause hours or days of frustration. American Leak Detection is ready and able to serve Fort Worth residents and their water heaters.

Upgrading Your Water Heater

Spare yourself the discomfort and frustration and consider installing a new water heater. A tankless water heater is an efficient way to heat water. Many water heaters that are currently inside homes use a tank to hold water. Not only are these water heaters usually quite old and therefore prone to malfunction, but these heaters expend much energy to heat the water inside of the tank. Once the water is heated inside of that tank, the heat must be maintained due to temperature exchange.

Tankless Water Heater

A tankless water heater heats water when you need it. Water travels into the unit and is heated either with electricity or gas. Hot water is available immediately – you no longer have to wait for the tank to fill with hot water. Additionally, hot water is available continuously. If you have ever had guests stay at your home, you may have dealt with the effects of several people taking showers one after another. A tankless water heater can efficiently heat any amount of water that you may need.

Call us if you need any repairs done to your water heater. If you would like to upgrade to a tankless water heater, you can be confident that installation will be quick and up to code. Our team of professionals has the knowledge and ability to serve all Fort Worth residents.

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