Professional roofing, attic and pergolas renovation

Professional roofing, attic and pergolas renovation

Professional roofing, attic and pergolas renovation

Roofing, attics and pergolas nowadays are increasing. The roofs as constructions consist of sloping levels that serve mainly in the easy removal of rainwater or snow in mountainous areas. They are distinguished depending on the number of sloping levels in single-cast, two-cast, three-cast, etc., as well as by the slope of their levels that varies by region. Each roof consists of a frame which is metal or wood, insulation and cladding.

Gikas Roofing in Montclair undertakes the construction of all kinds of roofs, attics and pergolas to shape your interior and exterior.

What is needed for the construction of an attic?

The roofing renovation of a house includes many steps, so that the space becomes more beautiful but also more functional. Many times, however, it is not enough to change the layout or put new kitchen and bathroom furniture, to live happily and comfortably in the house. The problem of available space is an issue that concerns many people, especially those living in densely populated urban centers. Thus, during the roofing renovation, not a few people think about how they can expand their home by adding one or more rooms.

A beautiful and affordable way to do this is to build an attic. With it, we make the most of the vertical space and can make a small room, such as a bedroom or office, or even an entire living room. But what is the process to do this? How will the attic be constructed in such a way that it is safe but also comfortable for the living of the tenants of the house? Gikas Roofers Roofing renovation experts help you build the perfect attic.

1. Roof height

The first thing we need to see, before even starting the roofing renovation of a house, is whether the height of the roof is enough to make the attic. Even in the smallest attic a person should be able to stand, so at least two meters are required. If the height is not enough, the roof will have to be raised, which increases the cost.

2. Utilization of space

The next decision in the construction of the attic is the space, which will be utilized. Generally, attics range from 25 to 50 square meters, depending on the use that will be made of them. Based on this, the construction point of the attic and the placement of the stairs will be determined, in order to create a functional whole between the attic and the already existing building.

3. Necessary studies

Attic construction as opposed to simple roofing renovation requires specific studies to meet all modern standards for safe and comfortable living. Thus, it is necessary to make an architectural study and study for the statics of the building and the implementation of the current seismic legislation. In addition, hydraulic, electrical and mechanical installation will be required, so the corresponding studies will have to be done.

4. Attic construction

The construction of the attic first includes the masonry, which is usually done with a double brick wall and internal insulation, unless the metal construction is chosen for reasons of statics and minimal structural burden of the building. The mechanical and electrical installation is also done, as well as the hydraulic works, if this is necessary. The work is supervised by the responsible engineer, who undertakes, in addition to the study and gathering of all the necessary documents and the supervision of the workshops.

To complete the attic, the insulation of the roof and the installation of soundproofing and thermal insulation frames are required. Call now Gikas Roofing for a free estimate!

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