Professional painting tips and tricks

Professional painting tips and tricks

Do you want to paint your house and have questions? Do you have problems with the interior walls? Find answers to each of your questions and professional painting tips and tricks from our professional painters of Gikas Painting in Montclair in the text below!

How to protect your room when painting

Protect your room from splashes of paint with these expert tips

1. First, take down all the frames and decorations and keep them in a safe place.
2. Move your furniture to the center of the room to move more easily in the space.
3. Cover your furniture with transparent nylon, so that you and your family can see what is underneath and not be tempted to place things on top.
4. The cardboard on the floor protects it from paint and creates a non-slip surface if you use a ladder.
5. If there is a carpet, you will need a little extra protection. Use 5 cm wide adhesive tape around the edges of the carpet, which slightly covers the skirting. Use a paint scraper or a sharp tool to push the tape under the skirting.
6. Use duct tape to cover details such as door knobs and sockets.

How to make the most of the color you have left over

Learn how to dispose of excess paint safely and ecologically.

1. Before you start interior painting, calculate how much paint you really need to complete your work. You can easily do this on the page of each product by clicking on the option ” How much color do I need? “. Using less will not only help you save money, but will also help protect the planet.
2. Finally if there is excess color, can you reuse it? Excess color is easy to store as long as you keep the containers out of direct sunlight and in a frost-free environment. If there is very little color left, place it in old jam jars and store them in a safe, dry place.
3. Can someone else use the color? You can give it to neighbors or friends, or maybe to a school.
4. It is important to remember that you can not throw the paint in the sink or in the sewer, nor throw it away with the rest of the garbage. If you want to dispose of it responsibly, call the appropriate service and ask for help.

Learn how to clean and store your brushes and rollers

Read our ecological guide for cleaning and storing your brushes and rollers.

1.Are you in the middle of painting and want to keep your brushes like new overnight? In this case, there is no reason to clean them carefully. Simply wrap the tip of the brush and roller with cling film or a bag. Seal the bag tightly around the handle with adhesive tape and store it in a damp place for up to two days.
2.After you have finished painting, you must clean your brushes and rollers properly. First, remove as much paint as you can.
3.If you used watercolors, just soak your brush or roller in warm water for about 2 hours. Dry them with a clean cloth and store them in a damp place for future use.
4.Did you use solvent paints? Put a small amount of solvent in a jar or container and stir with the brush against the walls, so that the cleaner reaches the base of the bristles. Soak for about 2 hours, dry with a clean cloth and store in a damp place for future use.
5.You should not pour solvent into the sink. When you have finished cleaning your brushes, put a lid on the jar or container and leave it for 24 hours. When the paint settles to the bottom, you can pour the remaining solvent into the bottle for future use. Allow the paint to dry completely in the jar before discarding it in the trash. Try to use as small a jar or container as possible to keep solvent use to a minimum – the planet will thank you!

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