How to Recycle Your Old Clothes!

How to Recycle Your Old Clothes!

How to Recycle Your Old Clothes!


Fashion does not listen to any laws or rules, according to Galliano! Dressing is a matter of mood and taste.

Keep your old clothes and protect the environment… A new collection was presented by the Estonian designer and successful businesswoman Reet Aus.

But that would not be a great deal if this collection was not about ecology and had not been named “From rubbish into Fashion”.


How to Recycle Your Old Clothes!


If the fashion show was signed by Galliano and the clothes had his label on, it would not need any special advertisement. Galliano‘s Haute Couture designs speak for themselves.

However, the experienced designer Reet Aus knows first hand the volume of waste produced and in her effort to help solve the problem, she decided to create a collection exclusively of useless waste cloths that were about to be thrown away.

“Over-consumption is one of the biggest problems in Europe and the USA. There are too many useless clothes because we do not have a real solution. European legislation prohibits the dumping of garbage on landfills because there is a fear that they may contain dangerous toxins, “said Reet Aus.


Recycle Clothes


recycle cloths


The best thing anyone can do is recycle his old clothes. If you have five jeans in your home instead of throwing them in the garbage, you can download a pattern from the internet and make a very nice dress. That is a new trend in the big fashion houses and Galliano is one of those who supports this new trend since 2015. More and more well-known fashion designers follow this.


Second Hand clothes


The Idea of Recycling-Galliano1


Another solution is the second hand stores. In Europe there is a movement which helps both clothes being recycled and people that are not well off, to have the opportunity to buy expensive clothing in really cheap prices.


Electric power factory instead of coal burns clothes


The burning of retreated clothing by the Hennes & Mauritz AB retail chain helps a Swedish power factory to replace coal for good purpose.

The combined heat and power station in Vasteras, northwest of Stockholm, from oil and coal production is transformed into a fossil-free installation by 2020. This means burning recycled wood and garbage, including clothing that H & M can not sell on the market .


How to Recycle Your Old Clothes!

Fashion should find a new way to sustainability

Fashion brands destroy an extraordinary amount of billions of dollars worth of clothing every year — proving that they are as disposable as their fast fashion ideas! One great idea was Galliano‘s paper clothes.
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