How to get glowing skin with Vanity Cosmetics?

How to get glowing skin with Vanity Cosmetics?

How to get glowing skin with Vanity Cosmetics?

Causes such as lack of sleep, stress, age, and even what we eat can reduce the radiance of our skin. Transform dull and tired skin into bright and glowing with specialized tips and product choices from Vanity Cosmetics.

Any woman we asked these days told us that the number one goal for their facial care is a glowing skin. And not just shine because you are covered in iridescent powder, highlighter or primer. You want this light to come out of your own skin and be enhanced by the products you use.

We are here to show you the right way to get glowing skin naturally, regardless of the time you have available: months, one or two weeks, one night or even a few minutes!


Clean your face regularly for glowing skin

The key to a radiant complexion is the proper cleansing of the face, meticulously removing impurities and all elements that can clog pores and cause turbidity. Wash your face in the morning and evening with a light massage with your fingers, with circular movements working from the inside of the face to the outside for full coverage.

Try TermicWax – Warming Face Cleanser, a gentle facial cleanser suitable for all skin types. Get from its first application, clean and hydrated skin without a trace of make-up and harmful substances.


Exfoliation for glowing skin

One of the best ways to brighten your skin and enhance its radiance is both immediate and long-term exfoliation. The procedure removes the outer layer of dead skin cells, so that its surface is smoother, cleaner and reflects external light.

As you may know, there are two types of exfoliation: chemical and physical. Natural exfoliators are creams or powders that remove dead cells and fats, while chemical exfoliators use substances that melt dead skin cells such as glycolic or lactic acids to detach stubborn cells.

Both types can be effective, but many dermatologists suggest chemical options as the first line of defence against blur. Of course we recommend that you apply a natural exfoliator, such as Intensive Face Scrub, two to three times a week or ExfoPowder – Face Exfoliating Powder once a week for sensitive or dry skin and three times the maximum for other skin types.


Look for the right ingredients for glowing skin

For topical skin treatments such as serums and moisturisers, see the package
in terms such as “glow” and “reduction of colour tones” and ingredients such as vitamin C.

When it comes to reducing or eliminating freckles, dark spots and pigmentation problems, vitamin C brings real results. Vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) interferes with the development of freckles and the good news is that it is incredibly easy to integrate into your daily skin care. Just apply a few drops every morning before your moisturiser and you are ready.

Another ingredient that dermatologists love and should include in your daily routine is Retinol. This valuable member of the retinoid family, i.e. derivatives of vitamin A, is one of the most powerful weapons against the signs of ageing. And not only that it helps us internally but it is mainly known for its external help and specifically for its ability to heal and strengthen the skin. That is why it is used in both anti-acne and anti-ageing products.

Hydration for glowing skin

Lack of hydration makes your skin dull and even emphasizes wrinkles. Apply a topical morning and night moisturiser to replenish the hydration of your skin, especially in these seasons.

Choose the right moisturiser depending on your skin type, age and skin needs. With so many products on the market, you can choose the ideal composition for you – gel, cream, lotion, ointment, foam, whatever suits you.

If you have dry skin, for example you can use products that contain hyaluronic acid and ceramides. If you have oily, gel serums or oil-free products are good choices while if you have acne prone skin, you should avoid ingredients such as alcohol, heavy oils or Vaseline. Instead, look for moisturisers with ingredients that have been shown to prevent acne such as adapalene, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.


Use sun creams

Harmful sun rays can damage your face even when you are indoors or even when it is autumn or winter. UVA and UVB rays can pass through the windows, even on cloudy or rainy days, penetrating deeper into the skin, causing it to wear at the same time.

But it is not only the harmful rays of the sun that you can treat with the use of sun creams. The blue light coming from artificial devices such as LED screens, mobile screens, computers does not even contain UVA or UVB rays. It has a short wavelength but high energy and contributes to the creation of free radicals and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, etc. that damage the skin in the long run.

This practically means that we need sun protection every day by applying a broad-spectrum sun cream to your face, which should protect you from both UVA and UVB rays, as well as blue light.


The right diet for glowing skin

Yes, what you eat can affect the glow of your skin. After all, it is not uncommon for us to hear from experts and scientists that we are what we eat. So foods rich in polyphenols such as grapes, berries and nuts are your ideal choice. However, you can also find valuable substances in chocolate and red wine.

So add foods rich in antioxidants to your diet and neutralize free radicals and the oxidative stress they cause. The category of antioxidants includes vitamins (such as C and E), minerals (such as selenium) and flavonoids.


Collagen to get glowing skin

You can invest in products to encourage collagen production. Why not give your body a boost with the right foods? Among them are meat broth, vitamins for improving the skin and miscible powder. Collagen supplements are the absolute must in the field of fashion and beauty right now.

The collagen you eat or drink is broken down into amino acids. Amino acids reach the skin and help it stay healthy and glowing. Of course, your age plays a key role in the amount of collagen you should consume. The human body over time reduces its production and you need larger amounts.

But using collagen is not the only way to boost production in the body to maintain a vibrant complexion. Facial massage, especially soft tissue and connective tissue massage called fascia, can help. Gua SHA, which has been used for decades in some holistic pharmaceutical practices, is an excellent daily practice. It reduces tension on the face as well as for circulation. But if you want to boost collagen in the face, you can also try toning fascia.


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