Best suggestions for bathroom renovation

Best suggestions for bathroom renovation

Best suggestions for bathroom renovation

Nowadays, when the construction industry is plagued by the financial crisis, it is difficult to find a new home to buy – there are simply no new homes since construction has stopped for about 10 years – or to sell an old one without “giving it for a piece of bread”. So it is no coincidence that home and bathroom renovation has arise in recent years and to the extent that they have become part of our daily lives. Simply put, if your home is old and you want a renovation to change your life or to “upgrade” it to increase its value, renovation is now one way.

There are many homeowners who think that a form of renovation is best for them or in other words, what renovation will change the way they live and move in the house or upgrade it so that its value goes up at the market. Bad lies, old houses have nothing to do with modern ones in terms of practicality, and often their layout proves how strange the contractors and architects of other times thought. Of course, this does not mean that they can not be improved and made changes that, even if they are not extended to the entire surface of the house, will make it much more modern and practical.

If you want to renovate your home, you are probably thinking about where to start or wondering which room is the one whose renovation will greatly change the way you live and see your home. It may seem a little strange, but the answer to this question is the room of the house where renovations are most often done is the bathroom! Yes, you read that right! The room in which the king goes alone is the one that can change the air of an entire house and significantly increase its value.

Thinking of doing a renovation, the bathroom is the right place to start. It is logical due to your lack of experience, however, not to understand basic things about the specific project, such as WHY it is good to do and what are the things that can or should be done in a bathroom to become more modern and be one the most important features of the house. Here we will solve all your questions and we will present you some beautiful suggestions to feel more comfortable and start your project with confidence and calm.

So let’s get started!

Why bathroom renovation is so necessary?

The truth is that when someone says the word “home”, the bathroom is not the first thing that comes to mind. The bathroom is not like the living room or a bedroom. It is not a room in which we will spend much of our day. All of this is certainly true, but what you do not know is the fact that a good bathroom can make a home stand out. The feel of a living room and its functionality depends to a large extent on its decoration. This can be changed relatively easily and at any time. The bathroom on the other hand is judged by its equipment and the management of the space. It may not be the room you spend many hours each day, but the hours you spend there will be your most personal.

In addition, nowadays the needs for renovation have become very great and the old bathrooms are simply not designed or built to make our lives easier. They are often narrow or do not have the necessary sockets for shavers and other appliances that are necessary in the bathroom. Not to mention that many times they do not have the best lighting.

A good bathroom renovation is not just useful. It also shows that the owner of the house was really interested in the image of your whole building as a whole and not only in “what the mother-in-law sees”. Simply put, the bathroom is the detail that makes the difference and makes a good home very good and special. Just think of how many times you, as guests of friends or acquaintances, have been impressed by their modern bathrooms.

But what are these changes that will make your bathroom more modern and functional? Who will make it really stand out and bring it into the 21st Century? Let’s look at them in as much detail as possible.

Bathtub removal – bathroom renovation

If your home was built in the 80’s or 90’s, it is almost certain that its bathroom will have a bathtub. If you look at the most modern bathrooms, however, you will notice that now even in expensive houses we see that bathtubs have ceased to be part of the bathroom equipment. The reason for this is very simple: a bathtub simply takes up space and significantly reduces the already small space of the bathroom. Just ask yourself: when was the last time you did not shower but fill the bathtub to wash?

So since we all prefer the shower today – except on special occasions – why have something so bulky and completely useless in our bathroom?

Replacing your bathtub with a modern shower with a cabin will not only help you free up some space in your bathroom, thus making the space more comfortable and practical, but will offer you a very good shower experience. A modern shower is nowadays one of the most important upgrades in a bathroom and therefore in a house.

Bidet removal – bathroom renovation

The same things apply to the bidet as to the bathtub, with the difference that it is even more useless and therefore a much bigger waste of space since most modern people do not even know what it is and how to use it. Just because your house has a bidet does not mean you have to keep it. Get rid of it as soon as possible to make your life in the bathroom easier and the space more modern.

Installation of pressed cement mortar

Pressed cement mortar is a new building material with unique properties and is very popular both indoors and outdoors. Its main component is the Thera earth and is known for its excellent thermal and waterproofing properties but also for its strong antimicrobial action. It can be placed very easily on walls and floors and without having to remove the tiles or any other coating. Its texture is similar to that of cement and that is what makes it so modern. Its normal color is gray, but you can give it any color you want.

In general, pressed cement mortar is a very modern material which is the first proposal of many famous interior architects and decorators. Placing this material on the walls and floor of your bathroom will not only improve its insulation, but will make it stand out. For even better results and a very significant upgrade of the space, you can make a shower and sink from pressed cement mortar and even a bathtub if your space allows

Electrical work – bathroom renovation

One of the most common problems with old bathrooms is that their lighting is not the best. It is certainly enough to take a bath or your need, but it often creates problems in matters that have to do with our grooming and care. Painting a woman with poor lighting is not the easiest and the same goes for shaving, especially today when the shape of the beard and moustache is crucial for every man’s style.

Improving bathroom lighting and replacing old fixtures and lamps with new and more efficient ones is a very important upgrade for a bathroom. You may need to add lamp installations to strategic areas of the space to improve the way it is lit, but the result is sure to be unique and will significantly improve your bathroom, if done correctly. Another popular electrical job is installing plugs, as it is not uncommon for old bathrooms to have only one – and often not in the optimal position – or none at all.

Bathroom furniture renovation

Bathroom furniture in most bathrooms is selected with purely functional and almost no aesthetic criteria. It is not at all rare to choose pieces that are not of the best quality but also do not add anything to the aesthetics of the space. So if your furniture is “cheap” and it seems, it would be good in the context of a renovation to change it with more modern and better aesthetic pieces.

Your bathroom will definitely become easier to use, but it will also become more beautiful and exude quality and luxury. Once again, furniture is the one that can significantly change the image of a bathroom and upgrade it significantly.

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