6 Unique color changes on the exterior of your home

6 Unique color changes on the exterior of your home

Whether you know it or not, the exterior of your home is an extension of everyone’s personality. His appearance says a lot about you and that is how your neighbors know you. The obvious infrastructure, the architectural details but also the color of your house, are some ways to highlight its beauty.

If looking at the outside of your home you think “needs a change”, exterior painting from Gikas Painting Service in Montclair  it is the most affordable and economical way to get started. From something soft to the eye to very bright colors, here we will give you some tips to find what suits you.

Evaluate the personality of your home

Like your favorite wardrobe layout, your home has a personality. It can be shaped by your neighborhood, your family habits or even the geographical location in which you live.

When choosing a color for your home it should reflect its personality. An imposing house requires strong colors. A soft color palette works best in a sophisticated or low-key home. As for the modern house, the colors without mixing make it stand out.

So first determine how you want your home to “feel” and this will lead you to the right color for the personality of your home.

Get ideas from the architecture of the building

The beauty of architecture is the ability to give character, details, texture and color to highlight an area of ​​your home. An area that can be unique not only in your building but also in the neighborhood.

If for example your house is an old Mediterranean villa, an aged white with terracotta details in various places is an ideal combination. Still, tanned brown is great for roof edges and various angles.

Let nature help you choose a color

The space that surrounds your exterior of your home can have an impact on your choice in a very beautiful way. Beach houses, tropical climate inspired houses or houses made in the mountains. They all use the surroundings and the vegetation to highlight their colors.

Use colors that are already in nature around you. Pale white of the sky, blue of the sea and of course various shades of green, brown and yellow inspired by the soil and the trees.

Recreate an outdoor space from holiday memories

For many, holidays are a part of life that stays in our memory like the colors and buildings we have visited. Use these memories to create something bold and original in part or all of your outdoor space.

Many houses on islands have bright and imaginative colors. Some of these are turquoise, peach, sunny yellow, coral and lilac. The combination of these colors gives a spectacular result and will definitely catch the eye!

An important detail in this technique is to be careful not to make your house completely out of place with the rest of the neighborhood.

Use a background character for a coloring idea

If you live in a historic neighborhood with Victorian or Tudor type buildings, then it is absolutely essential to keep the original character of your exterior of your home intact. While your home may be in the family for hundreds of years, choosing a color is always difficult for the average person.

Do not hesitate to consult architects in your area to do the research for you. If there is still a municipal library, you can search the past of your area to come up with something expensive.

The least painful solution of course is to contact paint manufacturers and ask to see default palettes for your exterior of your home type.

Make the combination you like through the materials you will use

The coating and the materials you will use in your outdoor space can be a color palette on their own! Bricks, stucco and cement, create beautiful combinations on their own.

Choosing the materials to build gives you an idea of ​​the character and color you want to follow. But make sure they are options that will suit your environment.

For example, if you have trees near your home, you can combine dark yellow bricks with gray cement and wood-colored tiles. The variety of colors of materials is large enough in the market to create what you really like and represent you!

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