4 color combinations to make your living room stand out

4 color combinations to make your living room stand out

4 color combinations to make your living room stand out

When one hears the word “renovation” they may think of large and complex construction works, but this does not mean that a renovation must “demolish” the house to be successful. Many times the solution to give new life to a space is very simple and in front of our eyes. Painting can radically change a space almost instantly, while requiring much less expense, hassle and time than other more “complex” tasks.

The living room is the area of ​​the house where we spend most of our time and the one where we welcome our friends and generally the visitors who come to our house. This is a very important space, which for many is “synonymous” with the meaning of the house, so the painting of the living room plays a very important role for the atmosphere and the feeling of the house in Montclair.

The most traditional option is of course painting with a single color, usually something relatively conservative such as white or some other variant of it, such as sugar and the color of the egg shell. Nowadays, however, the most modern trend is two-tone. So if you want your living room to be modern but also very beautiful and welcoming, see the best color combinations for this unique and very important space.

1. White and gray

White as we said above is the safest and most classic choice in terms of the colors of the living room and generally all areas of a house. This does not mean, however, that a more modern choice cannot be made, which you can achieve by combining it with one of the top color trends in recent years, gray. White and gray are colors that match and complement each other and if used properly, can radically change the living room. A very popular combination is the painting of the walls in a dark shade of gray and white on the ceiling and the details for contrast that will make the space more spacious and bright.

2. Blue and white

Blue and white are also two colors that match very well and their combination refers a little to the sky or the sea, so automatically the space acquires a sense of openness, light and freedom. It should be mentioned here that blue is known for its “relaxing” properties, so a light blue living room can help you relieve the stress of a difficult day.

3. Gray and brown

As we said above, gray is one of the most modern colors in interior decoration and we would say that it is a must choice for lovers of minimalism and “industrial” decor. However, gray is also a somewhat cool color, so it is good to “break“. Brown as a classic earth color is considered ideal for “breaking” the cold gray. A good suggestion is to paint most of the space gray and keep the coffee for specific points where you will want to catch the eye, such as the area around the fireplace.

4. Brown and white

This is another classic and therefore very timeless combination, which is ideal for those who have a lot of wooden furniture or even antiques in their space. This combination is ideal for houses with wooden floors. In general, the above applies: the main color will be white and brown will go into the details and special points of the space.

Before closing, note that although most generally “have it” with painting, painting a space with two different colors is not the simplest. For best results and zero damage and errors, it would be good to trust Montclair Painting specialists.

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