10 wonderful flowers for a vase

10 wonderful flowers for a vase

Flowers for a vase that give us bright colors and wonderful aromas, filling the house with joy and optimism all year round! We want to see flowers shop everywhere … in the garden, on the balcony and in the house. The cut flowers in a vase give us the opportunity to create wonderful combinations, unique compositions in beautiful bouquets with freshly cut flowers that last for many days, giving a unique feeling to the decoration of the space.

It is important to plant our own ornamental plants to enjoy in the garden, in a pot on the balcony and in a vase inside the house. We must be especially careful when cutting wildflowers from the countryside, especially for rare native plants, as we can inadvertently cause a significant reduction in the flowers that we find freely in nature. And if we want to learn how to keep them fresh and lively for a longer period of time, it is enough to consult the corresponding article with information on keeping flowers in a vase.

We, at Laura Flowers know that creating a composition, bouquet or any product is a matter of experience and attention to detail. For this very reason, every gift is prepared by our experienced florists and delivered on time, even the same day, beautifully and neatly, without the slightest risk of the flowers being damaged or withered during transport.

The most beautiful flowers for a vase

So let’s see what are the most beautiful plants that we choose for decoration in a vase and a vase, creating wonderful compositions every season of the year.

1. Roses

Is there a vase that is not filled with wonderful fragrant roses? And what color should we really choose? Deep red, pink, purple, yellow, orange or white even varieties with two-tone varieties with toys and splattered combinations in their flowers.

If we want roses to cut flowers for the vase, there are special shrub varieties of roses , with a large flower shoot, suitable for cut flowers. Of course, how to resist the traditional hundred-leaf varieties with the small fragrant roses in pink color to plant in the garden or in a pot on our balcony. In any case, the rose thrives in sunny places if we want to enjoy richer flowering.

2. Carnation

After the rose, the carnation is definitely the most popular flower that we find in the courtyards of Greek houses and we can decorate our vases. There are many varieties of cloves to choose from, although the taller ones have larger shoots and are more suitable for filling our jars full of color and aroma. White, pink, purple, orange, red, yellow, and even bicolor flowers, the result of the combinations that have now been created. Carnation flowers can be kept in a vase for a long time. Of course, for small jars, we can also enjoy the very special varieties of carnation such as the Chinese carnation as well as the carnation of the poets.

3. Violet

Sweet aroma from our violets to enjoy at home! Whether we call it menexe or katimeri, violet is a favorite annual spring flower with impressive fragrant flowers in shades of white, yellow, pink, purple and red. So we can cut its flowers to put them in a vase and enjoy their aroma that will musk for several days in our space. Violet does not stop blooming from the beginning of spring until the beginning of autumn, as long as we plant it in sunny places, keeping in mind that it is somewhat difficult during the hot summer months.

4. Gerbera

The gerbera is also an impressive flower for a vase. The gerbera reaches a height of 30-60 cm, has characteristic dark green leaves and gives us large flowers in pink, red, yellow, orange and white shades. There are many species of gerbera with single or double flowers, with shorter or taller flower stems, that bloom from early summer to mid-autumn and are ideal for our vases.

Gerbera grows best in sunny places where it gives us rich and prolonged flowering, however it can be planted in partial shade. It is relatively sensitive to the intense midday sun of summer, as well as to high temperatures above 30 ° C while it does not survive in low temperatures.

5. Sunflower

Our list of the most suitable plants for vase, could not but include the sunflower, a favorite plant that gives us its impressive flowering. The name of the sunflower comes from the fact that its head is constantly turned to the rays of the sun during the day and turns again, in the morning, to the east.

The dwarf varieties of sunflower, which reach up to 40-50 cm in height, are suitable for pots and cut flowers, while for the garden we prefer the tallest varieties that exceed one meter and are also edible. The characteristic color of sunflower flowers is yellow but now new varieties of sunflower have been created in shades from light yellow to red and brown.

6. Amaryllis

Amaryllis, the impressive flower that charms with its huge colorful flowers that project on long strong stems and is an excellent choice for decoration in a vase. There are many varieties of amaryllis to give us their wonderful flowers at the end of winter, the season when amaryllis bloom.

The countless color combinations of amaryllis flowers are based on white, red, orange, yellow and pink with beautiful two-tone colors that have characteristic streaks. Special mention should be made of the wild amaryllis with the wonderful pink flowers that we find in the yards of our grandparents, the famous belladonna, which is planted in spring and blooms in late summer.

7. Tulip

The tulip is one of the most beautiful and impressive bulbous flowers that we plant in the autumn in the garden and of course it is an excellent choice for decorating flowers in a vase. With proper care, tulip flowers are kept in very good condition for up to 10 days in the vase. There are tulips in different shapes and sizes with countless color combinations to choose from, with double petals and more complex flowers. Tulips are especially popular in florists, as their flowers come from special varieties grown in greenhouses to produce cut flowers.

8. Iris

We can decorate iris flowers in our living room or in our office, making blooming bouquets that we will keep in a vase for 2-3 weeks. The iris is a perennial herbaceous plant that gives us enchanting flowers with a huge variety of colors in the garden and on the balcony. It is planted in autumn and gives us its impressive flowering in spring with wonderful flowers that stand out for their delicacy and attractive appearance. And from colors? Blue, white, red, yellow, orange and even black! There are also beautiful two-tone irises with color combinations if we want to make the decoration of our vases even more special.

9. Narcissus

Another striking bulbous flower for a vase is the narcissus which has a rich bloom with beautiful flowers in the shape of a trumpet, which emerge on thin stems through the oblong leaves. We find it in a wide variety of colors from white, white-yellow, yellow-orange, reddish to pink. Narcissus is planted in rock gardens, in garden partitions, and even as an indoor plant, and is one of the most popular flowers for vase decoration during the winter. Narcissus has many different species and varieties.

In Greece, there are several species, the most famous being the zambaki or tsambaki which in the region of Crete is called manousaki. The hyacinth reaches a height of 30-40 cm, and forms a group of about 10 white flowers with a yellow color in the center.

10. Lilium

Lilies, one of the most beloved bulbous flowers that give us a wonderful bloom with their large and impressive lilies, an excellent choice for decoration in a vase. The flowers of lilies have different shapes and are found in the form of a cup, bell or trumpet, while they have many colors from white and pink to orange, red and yellow. Most lilies bloom in the summer and are an excellent choice for planting in pots, as well as to create a wonderful colorful backdrop in our garden. Lily lilies are ideal flowers to decorate in a vase in our living room and office, as they can be kept for at least 2-3 weeks.

Flower compositions and bouquets

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