10 sex myths that you must finally stop believing

10 sex myths that you must finally stop believing

Human sexuality is a chapter in which you can encounter countless myths, paraphrases and false beliefs. Myths about sex can be held responsible for creating unrealistic expectations, both in the expression and in the overall experience of our sexuality. So the debunking of these myths and the right information, can contribute to the magic of sex, thus helping in the essential communication with our sexual partners and in the rewarding of the physical pleasure in our erotic moments.

Sex myths about orgasm, myths about size, myths about the role of the sexes in foreplay. All of them can spoil the magic of sex by creating insecurities and therefore undermine our sex life and health. So demystify now with the help of the Athens Escorts!

# 1 Good sex means intense orgasm

An intense orgasm does not automatically mean good sex. Good sex is quite a subjective affair, but it certainly involves more than a strong orgasm. Good sex that will satisfy not only your body, but also your head, creating a feeling of psycho-emotional fullness.

# 2 The end of masturbation

The myth that masturbation is harmful to health has been debunked for many years. However, many believe that self-satisfaction is a normal behavior, only if there is no sexual partner and the possibility of sexual intercourse. I do not think so. People masturbate for many reasons. These include enjoyment, fun and decompression from the intensity of the day. Some people masturbate on their own, while others masturbate with their partner. Generally sex and masturbation go hand in hand.

# 3 Sex is synonymous with intercourse

One of the most common myths about sex is the belief that sex is only intercourse, the sexual act. However, the truth is that sex includes all the foreplay between the partners and the preliminaries. The goal is to have a good time, letting your imagination run wild and not save you from having an orgasm. Orgasm is a part of sex, not sex itself.

# 4 The size that counts

Probably the biggest myth you’ve ever heard and read about. Fluctuations in penis length are determined by many factors, mainly racial. The length of the erect penis ranges from 11 to 15 cm (the average for the white race is 13 cm). Science has defined this as abnormal penis length below 7 cm. In a relevant study , 21% of women surveyed said that penis length is “important”, 1% answered that it is “very important”, while 32% reported that thickness is “significant”. In other words, it is not the length but the thickness of the penis that is important (if it is in normal frames – 12-15 cm).

# 5 All women orgasm with intercourse

According to research by the Kinsey Institute, 20-30% of women do not orgasm just by having sex. Do not hesitate to tell your partner what satisfies you or what you would like to try. It is about your body, your pleasure and do not let anyone or anything deprive you of it.

# 6 The “pull” as a contraceptive

Ok you have been tempted and you may have succumbed. However, you should know that you are walking on extremely dark paths. If you are thinking we are talking about a method 78% effective at a time when contraceptives have a success rate of 90% and condoms 85%. Sometimes it is not even done right so this reduces the efficiency rate. Also sex without a condom leaves you completely exposed to Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

# 7 Sex burns calories

You may be disappointed that you read these lines, but no. The calories we burn during sex can not be compared to those we would burn doing regular exercise. Experts estimate that 30 minutes of sex burns from 85-150 calories at most. Sex can be good for your health, but as a form of exercise it does not do much.

# 8 Only men watch porn

Another huge myth that holds up well. According to Pornhub, women make up 1/4 of its users. Women watch porn and now admit it more easily without taboos. Searching erotic websites can be a fun experience and a good reference point to discover what you may or may not like about sex.

# 9 The hymen breaks during the first sexual intercourse

A myth that stinks of patriarchy. For some women, the hymen breaks the first time they have sex. But there are also those who may have just broken it in some physical exercise due to his sensitivity. In any case, it is not always accompanied by blood and pain. Customs such as the display of the bloody sheet after the first night of the wedding, as proof of the virginity of the bride, in many cases did not go well.

# 10 After 60 you do not have sex

Is sex cut? Probably not. An issue that is increasingly of concern to medicine is sexuality in old age, as in Europe, for example, the proportion of people over the age of 60 is expected to increase by 50% over the next 30 years. In addition, the expression of sexuality in the elderly has been associated with better general health and a better quality of life. In the good news, a relevant study confirmed that a significant number of older people have an active sex life. Specifically, 63% of men and 37.4% of women reported having sexual activity.

The most common sexual practices were kissing, hugging and intercourse. This study shows that if an older man or woman has a partner and is in good general health, it is very likely that he or she will be able to continue to enjoy his or her sex life into old age.


Evelyn Mccoy