10 reasons why women will always want the bad guy

10 reasons why women will always want the bad guy

10 reasons why women will always want the bad guy

An indignant finding that has long been written down and some arguments that prove the situation cannot be saved. No way.

Let’s talk a little about the asshole guy. For the man who disappears, the man who is and is not, the man who can not much, the man who wants his peace and at the same time circulates restless accompanied by a different, good company (call girls).

Let’s talk a little about a friend, a well-known, a distant relative. For the guy you just saw the title in today’s text you copied the link to send him a bunch of ladies crying laughing.

Let’s talk about you that is not meant to be such, but with the current data you may be breaking it (if you really are not) that you are not. You do not make sense with this sentence I know, so I’m quick to explain…

The asshole we are about to talk today is the one that most of the women fall in love with. He is the man who lets him do what he wants and after we do, we store him in our memory and our cell phone with the insult of the one who made it all wrong and we gave him everything.

Before you are infected with the word, which by the way, according to my grandmother only as a bruise can not stand, hold a small basket and read some things about the female psychology that you may be interested in. And maybe, to remind you of some behavior. You or your acquaintance do not know it again.

First of all, however, and before starting the countdown, let’s talk a bit about this general observation between us, concerns both women and men. Because to be sincere, most of us all like the bad guy. Or to be a bit more specific, we are attracted to the less healthy situations.

I hear your question and answer it

The reason why this is the case is not only one. They are too many and they have to do with the experiences everyone has. However, if we definitely have to give one then surely insecurity will pop up. Because, as it is known, insecure people are the ones who chase the naked. Being unable to catch it, they find themselves in a situation that can reassure themselves that they are trying while someone else on paper is getting worse than them.

On the other hand, there is also a lack of familiarity to anything normal that, as the years go by, is transformed into extinction in kind. Not true, do if you want a social experiment and take a look at the relationships around you. Measure the toxic ones, then those who have no reason to exist (because the couple dies in the boredom) and then the really good ones. Rates are dramatically bad.

Anyway… All this prologue was done to explain that I was not against my sex. Similar things happen to your gender when stuck with women who do not want you or for whatever reason you can not have. It is the selfish thing if you want. It is the insecurity we said above. In one case, our husband who runs us, we call him a softly asshole, while on your own, if I’m not wrong, the corresponding inferior is bitch.

His profile briefly

It is this guy that does not always answer the messages or until the game of winter has come to the Game of Thrones. He is the man who never goes out with only one girl at the same time, but when he does it, he speaks with more than one on Facebook, or Instagram. It is the introductory problematic that will be presented with many psychological problems and issues and we will believe that we can do it well. He is the one who has a chick but wants us too.

In short, it’s up to you to describe it to a friend for about three to four seasons of 20 episodes each.

The 10 reasons for wanting him, the asshole!

1. Because we think good guys are boring

2. Because we think we can change him

First of all, let’s agree that the films have been very bad in the whole console. Because this fairy-tale of a bad guy that while in a dozen women has been more unacceptable than the Unacceptable, he meets the ONE and lives with her happily ever after!

Generally, this ONE is our problem. Because behind this, there is the need to have something to feel unique about. When we are insecure, this can only be offered to us by the other. This illusion of ‘I’, to look for you, I will do that or that’.

3. Eventually, he will become a good guy

…To fill the top.

4. Cause good guys will hardly make a woman feel unique

In the sense that the mere fact that the other deals with so many gives him the advantage. (Crazy I know…)

5. Because they are never predictable

Reasonable since they are never available.

6. Because the lack of predictability is irritating

And back to back, comes number 5 again.

7. There is a reputation for bad guys being better in bed

8. It is better to be hurt by a man who is nice, than a guy who is ugly and uncool.

(I do not share this view, but my friends gave it to me)

9. Because ups and downs fit well in female psychology anyway

Even God is bored with flat situations… I guess.

10. Because even women themselves do not want to have a relationship… Sorry…

And here comes the big question… Why bad guys take the best girls (escorts or Athens escorts)!!! Bad guys… I am waiting!


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